Frequently Asked Questions

Advice and answers from AdsFirm Team. Before contacting us directly, please check these FAQs to better work with us!

  • How Do I Become an Advertiser?

    In order to become an advertiser, you'll have to sign up for an account. We will then contact you to discuss all the details of your campaign.

  • Do You Provide Support in Setting Up Campaigns?

    Yes, our team will assist you throughout the campaign creation process. This goes from advising you on how to optimize your campaign, to designing your banners for optimum results.

  • How Long Will It Take for My Campaign to Go Live?

    After submission, your campaign will go live within 1 business day. However, during weekends or holidays, it may take up to 48 hours for your campaign to go live.

  • Why Was My Campaign Rejected?

    AdsFirm reserves the right to reject any ads which may be illegal or considered harmful, ads with sensitive or questionable content will be marked as such.

    Ads may be banned at any time, and the remaining funds in the account may be refunded to the advertiser after the deduction of costs incurred by AdsFirm

    If you believe that your campaign was rejected unjustly, feel free to contact the Support Team. Remember to include your campaign ID(s).

    Please note that campaigns are continually reviewed by our staff. If, after approval, a campaign was modified, the campaign would be subjected to re-moderation.

  • What is Daily Budget?

    Daily budget is the amount of money you allow us to distribute between ad units during a day in exchange for a share of their impressions.

  • Where Will My Ads Be Shown?

    Your ads are displayed on pre-approved websites according to our terms and conditions guaranteeing a healthy traffic and freeing you from all types of fraud and bots.

  • What Ads Does AdsFirm Accept?

    We accept only ads of legit crypto services that don't violate any laws of any countries. Ads that promote illegal services or activities will be rejected. You can not use AdsFirm to advertise:

  • I Paid for a Campaign but It Doesn't Generate Impressions

    There might be several reasons for that.

    For instance, your advertisement might be banned or not yet activated (it takes up to 24 hours to verify and approve the ad, although usually ads are moderated rather quickly).

    Another possible reason might be that your daily budget is too low. Campaigns with daily budget less than 0.00000100 won't spend.

    Yet another possible reason might be that your campaign doesn't contain enough traffic sources. Also it could be a bug.